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June 07, 2005



The flowers one is my new desktop.

I suppose the male toilet is called 'outies'? Cute.

There's a bar in the Melbourne CBD which has a picture of banana on the boy's door.. I forget which fruit on the girl's door, but it made me laugh.

(Note to self: go & take pictures)

(Note to self: you don't have a camera anymore.)


lady j

I forget which fruit on the girl's door, but it made me laugh.

A cherry, maybe? :)


Wow... Who knew LadyJ was such a fox?

Er...I mean...not like it wasn't always plainly obvious or anything? Hehe.


Loving the highlights, btw. (Forgot to mention that)

lady j

Thanks, Midnight.


woo-hooo, ladyj is out out out! toilet pics, naked pics, husband pics- i don't know if i can go to sleep now!

i love the bar swings, but i can barely stay on a stool, let alone a swing when i'm drinking. i'm sure avery will have a smart-ass response to this.... :)


I love these shots and the ones on the other site, we want more!
I think I'm more interested in seeing cool bars and cooler nights out from around the world than reading about the cam, this is what we should all be doing.
Using the community for good, not evil.

lady j

You just wait, Tript. Come early August you'll even get photos from a multi-Cammer whitewater rafting trip.

Eh, eh?

(Though I must warn, nobody looks good in a wetsuit and sped helmet...)

lady j

And CP, you should see the drunk girls who try to stand on the swings. There was sadly none of that the other night, otherwise I would have gladly provided documentation of the trainwreck that always ensues.

Good times.

Simon Blackmoore

Are you guys doing the Penobscot or the Kennebec? ;)

lady j

Penobscot, baby. My raft got ate at Exterminator last year, so this is something of a rematch between a few of us and the river.

Grrrrr, I can't wait!


woot! found ya! ern, you sexeh bastage! dug up my ad&d 2nd ed monster manual and thought of you. :-)

so is this a blog? im very outa the loop on such matters.

lady j

so is this a blog? im very outa the loop on such matters.

Sigh. This, from the boy who so many moons ago taught me what "l33t" and "open source" meant. You've had your head buried in academia too long, my friend. :)

(Yes, this is my blog. Or one of them, anyway. Come early, come often. I'll be posting some Hawaii pictures soon. :)


Good Day. Your world is made of your memories, and your memories are given to you by your world. The whispering voice of happenstance is always in our ears. 'This is the world. This is the way things are. Look. Pay attention. Remember.'
I am from Eritrea and now teach English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "This sidewalk added highly afford that reliable decade, but however the rejects which were adjustable skinheads were brutalized on the members globe."

With best wishes ;-), Lindsay.

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